Tracking Performance

Tracking Performance

Make great campaigns and brands even better

Tracking Performance
Today the name of the game is insights impact. Stakeholders expect to be able to understand performance of their brand assets, and they need it quickly and efficiently.

Determining a campaign’s effectiveness through trial and error, long after the fact, is no longer an option for businesses wanting to stay at the forefront of their industry.

With our multiple, tailor-made research and analysis methods we deliver an understanding of your consumer touchpoints in market, including advertising, sponsorship, PR and customer experience. We help to shape the insights impact these have on your internal teams, ensuring a clear understanding of the effect on brand equity, reputation, consideration and advocacy; and the actions required.

We love making great brands even better by showing you what’s working and what can be improved, and helping you to advance your business.


  • Real-time, in-market feedback through online surveys and online communities using our unique best in class, Consumer Consulting Boards platform
  • Performance measurement of any communications effort — advertising campaigns; sponsorships; PR efforts — and how it affects your brand
  • Tailor-made and scalable to your needs we embed ourselves into your business to understand your requirements and to work closely with your teams


  • Impactful insights to optimise the strength of your brand
  • Experts who work to understand your business and market
  • A dedicated, collaborative partner to help you continually challenge your thinking on brand strategy and execution