Online Communities

Online Communities

Bringing you closer to your consumer

Online Communities
To discover what people really think, people need to be really heard, where they are able to be their true, authentic selves. Creating a relationship that goes beyond question and answer, removes the superficial and takes the time to delve into considered and reflective responses.

That’s where our approach to online communities comes in. Through our Consumer Consulting Boards, we create online communities that foster meaningful conversations and honest sharing in real life environments. We use Consumer Consulting Boards (CCB’s) to create a private, moderated community of carefully selected consumers to generate deeper insights over a defined period, or consecutive, iterative learnings over time.

Whether through a Consumer Consulting Board, in-depth immersion or focus group, our people are experts at creating consumer connections to bring you closer to your audience.


  • Consumer Consulting Boards that foster an open dialogue between consumers and your brand, fully moderated by our experienced team
  • A bespoke platform built to meet your business, brand or topic needs, powered by expert insight consultants
  • Local, National or Global, we connect you to your consumers in a way that will bring the consumer to life


  • Know what your audience truly thinks and feels about your brand or product
  • Strategic insights or tactical questions answered; agility and depth at your fingertips
  • Insights that go beyond the superficial to develop a deeper connection to your audience
  • A partner who will work to understand your brand and market to create the best community for you