Global Studies

Global Studies

A small, dedicated partner with global scale

Global Studies
Being smaller has its advantages. You’re able to form close partnerships with your clients. You can react swiftly, and adjust quickly.

Of course, being part of a global network has its advantages too. It gives you enormous resources to support your team and to invest in true innovation, plus a broad wealth of expertise to tap into, anywhere in the world.

We give our clients the best of both worlds. As a partner with InSites Consulting we’re able to be a small and nimble partner for our clients with the power of a global network behind us.

In qualitative research we tap into expertise through our global moderator network. Our global quantitative reach means we can do surveys, face-to-face, sensory and focus groups in any language, in any corner of the world.


  • Best in class online qualitative platform to connect you globally to your consumers
  • Global quantitative research conducted online anywhere throughout the world
  • A global network of moderators and experts to draw from who speak the language and understand local markets


  • A small, dedicated team of professionals as your partner, backed by the resources of a global network
  • Access to cutting edge innovation from here in Australia, and around the world
  • Input from deep thought leadership across industries and global markets
  • Ability to generate insights in new markets as your brand grows