Who We Are

What is a fusion philosophy?

Ensuring the best approach is applied to your business outcomes, applying a combination of the best available techniques.

  • Fusion research approach (qual, quant, observational)

  • Fusion sampling (current, lapsed, acceptors, rejecters)
  • Fusion platforms – F2F, online (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Fusion approaches – both implicit and explicit (System 1 & System 2)
  • Fusion analysis – using research, participants (‘behavioural detectives’), DF consultants and client experience/knowledge to interrogate the results

What are the benefits of fusion research for our clients?

  1. Highly experienced insight consultants focused on your outcomes.
  2. Business impact which brings insights to life
  3. Real time business experience of insights, giving speed and power internally to the consumer insight.
  4. Ongoing impact on business outcomes.    

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